This Never Happened” was an art event that
brought together participating artists with an audience attending
the event. The event was undocumented. There is no record, nor any evidence of it ever happening. Only memories. No written announcements regarding date, time, or place were made. It was circulated word of mouth. No pictures were taken.


This event took place during our lifetime where foreign interests tore countries
apart and redrew new borders… it happened where a secular nation was
forced into a religious attire it didn’t want to wear. This was an
event from right now, where artists, intellectuals and writers of
secular and anti-imperialist thought were silenced by threats and
arrested by the changing regime.  It happened at a time when the tyrants were applauded and decorated with awards for service to humanity and peace.  This event had to be undocumented because dissident voices had to have “never happened.”